Care Ministries


Hospital Visitation Ministry

Empowers the church to keep in contact with the hospitalized every day.  Each minister is scheduled for two days per month to visit patients in the greater Harrisburg Area.  Training is provided.

Home Communion Ministry

Delivers Holy Communion to the homebound the first Sunday or Monday of each month.  Each “minister” is assigned to a homebound person, and of wherever they are- their home, the hospital, the nursing home.  Supplies and training provided.

Prepared Meal Ministry

A team of people who make and deliver homemade meals to persons in our faith community.  We supply meals to help alleviate the stress during a move, to families who have a loved one hospitalized, or to those experiencing the loss of a loved one.

Stephen Ministry


Provides distinctly Christian care of those experiencing difficulties in life.  It is founded on the belief that caring for each pother is an intended way of life for followers of Christ.  Call us even if it’s a little problem.  Little problems can become big problems. For additional information, contact the Church office.

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For more information regarding any of these Care Ministries, contact the church office.