Perking Point

Good Coffee is only the beginning…

Monday through Saturday, the coffeehouse is open early in the morning so you can stop in and get your coffee on the way to work, but that’s only the beginning.  Looking to create community?  You’ve come to the right place!  The Perking Point is a different kind of coffeehouse.  We wanted to create a space where you would simply want to “be”.

  • “Be” with your friends.  Meet here for coffee and talk about life or bring in dinner and enjoy a space you can call your own.
  • “Be” relaxed.  Read a book, study for school, play a game, or simply sit and think.  The Perking Point is yours to enjoy!
  • “Be” connected.  Use our free WiFi and check out our Friday Night Entertainment, or stop in on one of the band rehearsals or one of the many other events happening here almost every day!


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